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lego internship

During my master I went to Billund Denmark to do an internship at the prestigious LEGO Education department.


Lego Education utilizes the creative play one has with LEGO to create engaging hands-on learning experience for elementary school and high school. Their products are built on national curriculum and tailored for classroom use.


During my internship I participated in the design process of LEGO WEDO 2.0. A LEGO set blends their trade marks bricks with electronic actuators and programming for KS2 science classes.


Most of the internship and my activities at LEGO are classified. I worked/participated on:

- Interface design of the model library within the LEGO WEDO 2.0 app.

- Concepts and models aligned with the curriculum of KS2 science.

- Graphic design of the I/O ports of the "wedo brick".

- Concept development for LEGO Educations product portfolio.

- Electronics and software for the "wedo brick" connection process user tests (for the Tech House department)

- Model design and concept development for the LEGO portfolio (outside LEGO education)


The pictures are of the mascot of the released WEDO2.0. Pictures are taken by Pelle Petersen.

copyright by Tijs Duel 2016