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Morse things



The Morse Things project investigates the nature of relations between people and computational things in the making of everyday life. Specifically, Morse Things explores the notion of the Internet of Things, in addition to connectivity, sensing and data, the project aims to understand the materiality, temporality and human relationships that constitute and potentially undermine the current concept of the Internet of Things.


At the center of the Morse Things project are multiple sets of three networked ceramic cups and bowls. The cups and bowls digitally communicate between themselves as they progress over time toward an "awareness" of their potential group and networked existence. The data communication between the Morse Things is expressed through sound by each cup or bowl in Morse code; and over the Internet on Twitter.


As a visiting research student I participated in the audio design of the project, the design  of the website as well as design computer models to "predict" possible behaviour.


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This is one of the projects I worked on at my exchange with the Simon Fraser University as part of the Victory in Europe Scholarship.

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