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ONIX is a practice buddy for professional musicians to help them practice more effectively and more healthy.


When playing music at high levels it becomes like top-sport; taking sufficient breaks is as important as the exercises performed. ONIX functions as a metronome that keeps  an eye out for the length of your practice sessions and suggest breaks to let your muscles rest. The breaks are suggested through pitch alteration of the ticks to create awareness of the passing of time without conflicting with the musicians exercise/piece at hand.


The design records audio which can be played back during the breaks. Using the slider as a timeline (as seen with youtube) one can easily browse back and forth within a recording. This provides an additional layer of reflection and validation to the practice sessions.

Extensive documentation of the design process can be found here:

Jasper Meurs (drummer from Radio Eliza and Close Up) playing drums with ONIX hooked up to the PA.

Design process


To validate quality several iterations where build. These iterations were distributed among young professionals at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. The distributed prototypes where equipped with datalogging capabilities that would track their music practicing behaviour.


The datalogging capabilities of the prototype provided quantitative data and additional information to the musicians playing routines. Whereas, the participating musicians experiences living with the prototype provided richer interviews with deeper reflections  and thus more valuable qualitative data.


It is through this process in which the musicians where kept close to the design process the design could transcend beyond critical design into a fully functional prototype.

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